Oliver Stone Does Snowden-Themed Cinema PSA

The common courtesy of switching off your phone during a film is still adhered to by most people, but others still need to be reminded every time they step into a cinema. That is where those ‘turn off your phones’ PSAs come in.

The Alamo Drafthouse has made a few special versions of them in recent years, offering amusing custom PSAs that tie in to a specific movie. Today though it is a distributor and a filmmaker themselves behind it with Open Road Films getting director Oliver Stone to participate in one for his forthcoming film “Snowden”.

This one asks you to turn off your cell phone and warns that this little device allows people to track you and essentially destroy your life – it’s heightened paranoia but it’s also fun with Stone even reviewing a cat video at one point with a beautifully delivered one word critique. Check it out below, “Snowden” hits cinemas on September 16th: