Oldman Drops Major “Apes” Sequel Spoilers

20th Century Fox has been keeping a tight lid on the story details regarding Matt Reeves’ much-anticipated sequel “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”.

All we’ve really known is that it’s set fifteen years after the events of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” in a world where most of humanity has been wiped out and the survivors are struggling with the remaining intelligent simians for survival.

Out doing publicity for “RoboCop,” actor Gary Oldman has surprisingly revealed to MTV some big details regarding his character Dreyfus:


“He’s sort of the designated leader of this community, who were sort of lucky enough to survive the simian flu, that disease, and the ensuing social uprising from it. So they’re sort of survivors of a community, and he was a police officer. He’s known in the community, so he’s more of the elected leader.

We need power, and there’s a power station, and some of my people go out to see if it’s operational, if it’s still out there, and they discover that there’s a whole community of apes living there.

We believed they were all completely fire-bombed and wiped out. He’s experienced a great loss, personally, and there’s only one answer to him, which is to wipe them out. I see him as sort of the hero of the piece.”

If there was a weak element of the 2011 film, it was that the human characters were decidedly less interesting (and less developed) than the CG ape creations. Oldman says director Reeves aims to fix that with the sequel:

“Matt Reeves was more interested in not just keeping the franchise alive, but he wanted to make it more of a human story. He wanted to explore what had happened, and keep it more focused on the human side of it, before the story becomes the Planet of the Apes as we know it from the original.”