Oldboy Helmer Begins “Fingersmith” Filming

“Oldboy” and “Stoker” director Park Chan-wook has began production last week on “Fingersmith,” his first Korean-language directorial piece since 2009’s “Thirst”.

The film is described as a Korean reinterpretation of Sarah Waters’ Victorian-era lesbian novel “Fingersmith”. Chan’s movie relocates the setting to Korea in the 1930s when it was under Japanese occupation.

Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri are the two female leads in the film alongside Ha Jung-woo in the male lead role. Park’s long-term screenwriter Chung Seo-kyung (“Sympathy for Lady Vengeance,” “Thirst”) penned the adaptation.

The $10 million-budget project is currently filming in Nagoya, Japan with production to run for just over two months. The completed film hits cinemas next year.

Source: Variety