Old “Dunkirk” Trailer & New “Dunkirk” Poster

Christopher Nolan’s big-budget war epic “Dunkirk” isn’t the only feature project about the famed World War Two evacuation coming out this year, also on the way is the 2004 three-episode, three-hour docu-drama of the same name.

Dramatized just over a decade ago for the BBC, the mini-series is finally coming to home video in a standalone release for the first time. The project explores the operation “from all angles”. Benedict Cumberbatch and Simon Russell Beale star on screen while Timothy Dalton narrates events.

Arrow Video will release “Dunkirk” on DVD and Digital on July 10th, just a few weeks before Nolan’s film arrives. Check out the trailer below.

In related news, a new one-sheet for the Nolan film is also out today and can be seen below: