O’Gorman, Pace, Weaving Set For “Hobbit”

Dean O’Gorman and Lee Pace have joined while Hugo Weaving is now confirmed to be reprising his ‘Rings’ trilogy role of Elrond in the upcoming two-part “The Hobbit” film for Warner Bros. Pictures reports The Dominion Post.

Kiwi actor O’Gorman (“Shortland Street,” “Xena: Warrior Princess”) is stepping in to play Fili the Dwarf, replacing the recently departed Rob Kazinsky who left the film last month for personal reasons.

O’Gorman is currently committed to the TV series “The Almighty Johnsons” and his commitments to “The Hobbit” won’t interfere with the shooting schedule of the show’s second series.

Meanwhile American film and TV actor Lee Pace (“Pushing Daisies,” “Infamous”) is set to play the Elvenking Thrandruil.

The character is the father of Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and is something of a minor villain in ‘Hobbit’ as he imprisons the dwarves at one point, and leads a battle to demand a share of treasure towards the end. The antagonism between the Elves and Dwarves is allowed to flourish under his reign.

Finally, production spokeswoman Melissa Booth confirmed Weaving would return as Elrond in the prequels. Weaving was spotted in Wellington last week grocery shopping which lead to a flurry of reports that he was in town to shoot his role which he hadn’t been confirmed for at the time.