Oddworld Film In The Works

GamesIndustry.biz recently talked to Lorne Lanning from Oddworld Inhabitants about their new projects – including a feature film incarnation of the popular “Oddworld” game series:

“We’ve got four projects that we are working on. I can’t really get into them, except you know one of them is the film. I can say that another one is the television series, and we are using game technology on all of them.”

Last year, Lanning and partner Sherry McKenna signed a development deal for a computer animated motion picture based upon another creation – “Citizen Siege.”

Lanning however has plans for Abe and the gang – “Oddworld is really, really close to our heart, which is why we chose never to sell it, and we have big plans for it. It may take longer than the fans would like, but I think they’ll be happy as long as it is great stuff.”