Obama Lists His Favorite Sci-Fi Works

As the U.S. Presidential election continues to head into deeper waters of muckraking, the current Commander-in-Chief is offering us a brief reprieve from the all-consuming media madness with an optimistic list – his essential sci-fi viewing.

Wired asked Barack Obama to name his favorite sci-fi works and with the eight he lists he definitely leans towards optimism and hopefulness in his choices with a love of pure science-fiction like “Star Trek,” “2001,” “The Martian,” along with more fantastical visions like “Star Wars” and “The Matrix”. Here’s his choices and his explanations why:

01 “2001: A Space Odyssey” because “it captures the grandeur and scale of the unknown.”
02 “Blade Runner” because “it asks what it means to be human.”
03 “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” because “it is fundamentally optimistic.”
04 “Star Wars” because “it was fun and revolutionized special effects.”
05 “Star Trek” (original series) because “it uses science fiction to promote a humanist ethnic.”
06 “The Martian” because “it shows humans at problem solvers.”
07 “The Matrix” because “it asks basic questions about our reality—and looks very cool”
08 “Cosmos” because “it fed my lifelong fascination with space.”