NVIDIA Unveils New Powerful Graphics Cards

Nvidia Unveils New Powerful Graphics Cards

NVIDIA officially unveiled its next-generation of graphics cards for PCs and home computers this morning, cards which seeming promise a quantum leap in terms of gaming capability thanks to completely redesigned Turing architecture which incorporates real-time ray tracing, advanced shaders and deep learning AI.

Three cards – the RTX 2070, the RTX 2080 and the RTX 2080 Ti – were unveiled with price points between $499 and $999. Just how powerful are these cards? It’s partly an apples to oranges comparison because the cards have been fundamentally redesigned, but they are reportedly around six times as powerful as the current leading cards on the market.

The company used what it called RTX-OPS as a unit of measurement of overall power with the three cards ranging from 45-78 RTX-OPS. In comparison, the current leading cards on the market and these card’s predecessor – the 1080Ti and Titan X – clock in at about 12 RTX-OPS (gaming consoles like the PS4 Pro & XB1 would then likely sit at about 5-7 RTX-OPS). An 1080Ti is capable of calculating 1.21 gigarays per second, vs. the 2080Ti which can do 10 gigarays per second. When tasked with the same workload what would take a 1080Ti 308ms to do, the new ones can do in 45ms.

Several games coming soon including “Shadow of the Tomb Raider,” “Battlefield V” and “Metro Exodus” have already started incorporating ray tracing functionality from this card, but only in small ways – most often shadows. Pre-orders for the cards kick off today ahead of all three launching on September 20th.