Now You See Me Gets A Chinese Spin-Off

Lionsgate’s illusionist heist caper film “Now You See Me” surprised in 2013, chalking up a strong $351 million worldwide gross despite tepid reviews. It was more than enough for the studio to think it had a potential franchise and so quickly assembled a sequel that opened earlier this year.

That film wasn’t quite a success, nabbing $241 million worldwide with only $62 million of that from North American ticket sales. Earlier the studio indicated they are proceeding with a third film, and while that’s still the case – it looks to be taking on another form. THR reports that Lionsgate is now looking at a spinoff movie featuring a Chinese cast and will be a Chinese-language co-production with Leomus.

The move is understandable, “Now You See Me 2” grossed $94.5 million in China alone – more than various other American features this Summer. A Hollywood screenwriter will be employed to pen the script to make sure it all comes together. No word as yet on whom might star.

Lionsgate and Leomus are also working on a sequel to the Stallone and Schwarzenegger prison film “Escape Plan”.