“Now You See Me 3” Gets Two Scribes

Having recently been hired to pen a sequel to the Dwayne Johnson-led earthquake epic “San Andreas,” writers Neil Widener and Gavin James have taken on another studio sequel gig – a third “Now You See Me” film for Lionsgate.

Most of the franchise’s cast such as Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo and Dave Franco are expected to reprise their roles with the second film’s director Jon M. Chu currently attached to helm again.

As usual we’ll follow the criminal magicians known as The Four Horsemen who pull off astounding performances in order to steal huge amounts of money. Bobby Cohen, Alex Kurtzman and Jeb Brody are producing.

The $75 million first film was a sleeper hit, overcoming mixed reviews to garner a $357.1 million worldwide gross in 2013. Earlier this year the sequel was released to worse reviews and fizzled domestically. However, global markets – especially China – pushed it a similar overall gross of $334.9 million.

Lionsgate, in desperate need of franchise hits in the wake of the end of its “Hunger Games” and “Twilight” franchises, is understandably milking this for all its worth and even has a Chinese spinoff on the way with a mostly Chinese cast.

Source: Deadline