North and South Mini-Series Gets A Remake

Discovery Channel has ordered a Lionsgate-produced remake of the classic Civil War-set 1980s mini-series “North and South”.

This new adaptation of the John Jakes novel trilogy will re-dramatize the epic storyline of two families – the Hazard family, northern factory owners from Pennsylvania, and the Main family, southern plantation owners.

The story begins when lead characters George Hazard and Orry Main meet as young men at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

The Hazard and the Main families become close, brought together in bonds of friendship and affection that neither jealousy nor violence can shatter.

At a time when great technological advancements were made and social and political groups worked for anti-slavery legislation as well as women’s equality, the economic foundation of the country began to rapidly change.

Spanning three generations and chronicling the lives and loves of two great family dynasties, North and South shows the vastly different ways of life for the Main and Hazard families that threaten to drive them apart, fracture marriages and poison sibling relationships.

They are put to the ultimate test as fathers, sons, brothers and friends fight each other on the battlefields of the deadliest war America has ever seen.

ABC broadcast the previous 1985 miniseries adaptation which starred Patrick Swayze and James Read in the two lead roles, with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Kirstie Alley, Hal Holbrook, Gene Kelly and Robert Mitchum also starring.

Source: The Live Feed