Nora Arnezeder for “Paris 36”

Beautiful actress, singer Nora Arnezeder is one of the many reasons why this French film, set in the 1940s, is proving such a hit. Here she does both and spoke about the film exclusively to Paul Fischer:

Question: Paris 36 is a really lovely film, this. What was the particular attraction of this? Was it the character, or the overall story that interested you?

Arnezder: Well, the stories, of course. And the character, as well. It was like I had the chance to sing, to dance, to act, as well. So it was amazing. It was a real chance for me.

Question: Could you identify with this character?

Arnezder: Oh, yeah. You know, she comes from the north of France, and she arrives in Paris to be a singer. And that’s a bit of my story. I am from the south of France, and I was living there, and I came to Paris to go to a musical school, you know? So, that’s funny.

Question: Really? So, obviously your background is in music. Was it music or acting that interested you the most?

Arnezder: Oh, both. Really, both.

Question: And which has been the toughest for you to get into? What has been the hardest for you to work on, in terms of your career? What has been more challenging for you, the career as an actress, or in music?

Arnezder: Oh, I think as an actress.

Question: Why?

Arnezder: Oh, because – I don’t know. I can’t explain. It’s like – I can’t explain why, because I love to act. And there are a lot of things that I want to prove in that area.

Question: You’ve been in the film business for a very short time. What are the challenges for you to find success? And how competitive are you?

Arnezder: [LAUGHTER] What do you mean, am I competitive?

Question: Are you very competitive? Do you fight for roles?

Arnezder: Yeah. Of course. I worked a lot when I had to do that audition, for Paris 36. Christophe Barratier didn’t want me to do the lead part, because he thought I was too young to play the lead character. But he said that I could do an audition to play a smaller part in that movie. And I was very happy, so I received the songs, and I’ve been working in my room for three hours a day to get myself ready for the audition. So, I’m really competitive. But, you know, if I get a lot of auditions, and – I wasn’t picked, but more not than yes. You know? And you cannot, like, fight, when a director doesn’t want to work with you. You know? That’s life.

Question: For this movie, did you do a lot of research on the period? Or did you think that was unnecessary?

Arnezder: Oh, that was necessary, to feel the smell of the period, you know? And just for my own – just for myself. But I don’t think that was necessary, to play in a nice way, the character.

Question: What surprised the most when you did the research?

Arnezder: What surprised me the most – it’s the anti-Semitism?

Question: The anti-Semitism?

Arnezder: Yeah — was normal in that period. And I read papers, you know? And they were saying horrible things about Jewish people. And it was, like, normal. You know? And today, it’s like – no way, you know?

You cannot write those kinds of things. And it was normal for that period. So, yes, that surprised me. Oh, I knew it, that it was like – there were a lot of anti-Semites, that people can write it, like, normally, in a paper. That was a bit strange.

Question: What is it like in the French movie industry at the moment? Is it very tough?

Arnezder: Yes. Very tough. They don’t have the money any more to do the movies, and there are a lot of movies, beautiful scripts, with amazing directors. But they cannot do the movie, because they don’t have the money. So.

Question: What do you look for in a movie, or in a character? What are the important things, for you?

Arnezder: To feel that I can bring something to the character.

Question: Do you want to record an album? Are you interested in pursuing –

Arnezder: Of course!

Question: What kind of music do you want to record?

Arnezder: Jazz. I love jazz music.

Question: Really?

Arnezder: Yeah.

Question: Why jazz?

Arnezder: I don’t know why. Because my Dad, he’s in love with jazz music. And he gave me the patience, the hoping. You know. This hope.

Question: Do you think that you will be able to pursue a career in music? I mean, is it very difficult? Or – have you already made enough contacts, that perhaps it could happen soon?

Arnezder: It will happen.

Question: It will happen?

Arnezder: Yeah. I’m recording an album.

Question: Oh, cool!

Arnezder: Yeah. [LAUGHTER]

Question: Does it have a name yet?

Arnezder: No.

Question: Do you have a release date?

Arnezder: Yeah, I do have.

Question: When do you think it’ll come out?

Arnezder: I don’t know.

Question: What about your acting? Is there anything new coming up for you?

Arnezder: Yeah. I have, like, several movies. But they are waiting for money. And that’s – so, that is it.

Question: How do you like LA?

Arnezder: I really like LA.

Question: Have you been here before?

Arnezder: Yeah. It’s my third time.

Question: Oh, okay. Would you consider living here?

Arnezder: Oh, yeah! Why not? You know, I see myself all around the world. I just want to be happy, and have a good job, and – you know?

Question: Well, that’s good. Is there a particular – if you could work with one actor in Hollywood, who would it be? Who’s your favorite?

Arnezder: Oh, okay. I have to choose one. Okay.

Question: If you could do a love scene with any Hollywood star.

Arnezder: A love scene?

Question: Yeah. Who would it be?

Arnezder: Okay, Brad Pitt.

Question: Really? You’re a Brad Pitt fan?

Arnezder: No. I mean, a love scene. [LAUGHTER] And – I don’t know, I love also – I think Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s great.

Yeah! I like good guys. Or – I don’t know, Sean Penn.

Question: Oh, Sean Penn? Interesting. Are you meeting with agents while you’re here?

Arnezder: No.

Question: Do you want to do that?

Arnezder: No, I have, like, several meetings, to meet agents.