Nolan Talks “Interstellar” Original Ending

There’s been much debate about the quality of Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar,” with the film’s third act in particular coming under fire for abandoning its more grounded science fiction tropes in favor of straight-up fantasy (and overly sentimental fantasy at that). But it turns out Jonathan Nolan’s original script had not just a more straight forward and believable ending, but one with slightly darker and more bleak overtones.

Speaking about the original script ending during interviews for the film’s release on DVD, VOD and Blu-ray, Nolan tells The Nerdist that originally the ending saw the wormhole collapse when Cooper tries to send the data back.

As a result the film would’ve had no tesseract and no return home, Anne Hathaway’s character would be left on her own, Matthew McConaughey’s character would’ve been crushed like a bug in the black hole, and we wouldn’t be sure if the data made it back to Earth.

In the same interview, it was revealed some science was dumbed down for the audience, notably the gravitational anomalies that pointed McConaughey’s character toward the remnants of NASA had a much more specific and scientific cause that Chris Nolan thought “was too much science for the public to digest at once” according to producer Kip Thorne.