Nolan Talks “Batman Begins” One-Off Monologue

Back in 2004, the last time Batman had been on the big screen was the camp silliness of “Batman and Robin”. At the time a British filmmaker named Chris Nolan, who had a few promising films under his belt, was enlisted to do something that was still a quite uncommon thing at the time – to reboot the franchise.

The result was 2005’s “Batman Begins,” a film that remains the text book case of how to do both a reboot and an origin story right. Long before its release, our first glimpse at the movie was an enigmatic teaser which had no shots of Batman whatsoever aside from a still at the very end. Instead it was a moody piece boasting a dark monologue by Christian Bale, a speech that actually didn’t end up in the final film.

Jonathan Nolan, Chris’ brother, participated in a Reddit thread recently where he revealed the speech remains one of his favorite things he wrote for the trilogy but it didn’t work in the film’s context. In fact it was made deliberately so dark and bleak to try and avoid the comparisons to the previous movies:

“I wrote this in a couple hours in my brother’s trailer while he was shooting the scene in which Bruce is arrested for stealing Wayne corp supplies on his ‘journey.’ Remains some of my favorite writing from these films. Was written specifically for the trailer. Wouldn’t have worked in the film.”

Of course the film, which was penned by David Goyer and Chris Nolan, went on to kick off the most critically acclaimed superhero trilogy pretty much ever made. Jonathan Nolan is currently at work on HBO’s ambitious new sci-fi western series “Westworld”.