Nolan Says No To More Batman

While Christian Bale may have indicated he’d be open to another Batman film should Chris Nolan take the helm, the director himself has firmly stated that the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises” is it for his cinematic love affair with Bruce Wayne.

Asked directly at the Produced By Conference (via Indiewire) this past week if he would do another Batman film, Nolan replied “No. Mainly, because I’m superstitious, but I said to my brother [and sometimes-writing-partner Jonah Nolan] that I didn’t want to save anything. we’re never on a specific trajectory, but I always viewed Bruce Wayne’s story in three parts. I didn’t want to hold anything back. I think you learn so much from the audience. You don’t know what you’ve made until you’ve put it out there.”

While ‘Rises’ caps off the Bat-trilogy for the 41-year-old, the British filmmaker shows no signs of slowing down. Last week came word that he’s abandoned his plans for a Howard Hughes biopic but would be open to having a go at the long-running James Bond franchise. In that case however, he told Empire that “it would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things” and thus has lead to speculation that the earliest opportunity would be when Daniel Craig eventually steps down from the role.