Nolan Planning Howard Hughes Biopic

New details have emerged indicating filmmaker Christopher Nolan is pursuing a Howard Hughes biopic as his next project once he finishes shooting “The Dark Knight Rises” reports Vulture.

Nolan originally scrapped his plans after Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator” came out in 2004. That film for the most part stuck to Hughes’ younger years and passion for aviation.

Nolan’s film, based on Michael Drosnin’s book “Citizen Hughes”, focuses much more on Hughes’ later years, including his obsessive-compulsive disorder issues and his life as a recluse. The book itself is based on thousands Howard Hughes’s own hand-written memos leaked after his office was burglarized in 1975.

Nolan would shoot the untitled biopic in late 2012 for a 2014 release, no word on who the film is setup with or who is writing the script as yet.