Nolan Confirms 4K “Dark Knight” Trilogy Remasters

In the midst of press for his new WW2 film “Dunkirk,” filmmaker Christopher Nolan revealed that he’s currently at work on 4K remasters of his acclaimed “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

Speaking with, he says he’s very much involved in the remasters of the film into 4K (with HDR) format and is very happy it comes closer to the 6K or so resolution of regular 35mm film and 18K resolution of IMAX film.

Nolan’s first film in the series, 2005’s “Batman Begins,” was one of the initial launch titles available when Blu-rays first hit the market in 2006. At the same time it was one of the first films to release its trailers online in 1080p HD format back in 2004.

No word on when we can expect the 4K versions to hit stores.

Source: Batman-News