Nolan, Bay Entering The “Twilight Zone”?

Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”) is the front runner while Michael Bay (“Transformers”), Alfonso Cuaron (“Children of Men”) and Rupert Wyatt (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”) are also hot candidates for a new feature based on the classic sci-fi anthology TV series “The Twilight Zone” says Variety.

Rod Serling’s original show told numerous stand alone stories featuring elements of serious science fiction, horror, suspense and fantasy. Some episodes featured adaptations of classic novels and short stories, while others were penned by genre writing greats like Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury and Harlan Ellison.

The franchise was successful enough that it was revived as a series twice, once as a syndicated seres in the 80’s and once briefly as a series on UPN in 2002. Steven Spielberg, John Landis, George Miller and Joe Dante all helmed segments of an anthology movie back in the early 80’s.

Jason Rothenberg and Rand Ravich are penning the script for this film which will feature a single story line with just one director. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way company will produce.