Nobody Wants “Wonder Woman”

“Boston Legal” creator David E. Kelley’s attempt to re-launch “Wonder Woman” on the small screen crashed before take-off this past week.

Kelley recently finished the pilot script and shopped it around to the five major networks, all five have now been ruled out reports Deadline.

Fox’s disastrous track record with genre fare was likely the reason why the show “was not considered a good fit” for the network.

ABC’s strong connection with Disney and its recently acquired Marvel Comics brand means pushing rival DC’s Wonder Woman would be a conflict of interest. No luck there.

NBC and CBS both passed on the project, no immediate reason as to why. The CW, where “Smallville” has flown for ten years, also passed because they couldn’t afford it.

The pilot script that Kelley wrote may be floated again in the future, for now though the golden lasso is remaining on a shelf.