No Yellow & Green Costume In “Iron Fist”

“Daredevil” had a makeshift costume for the first season until the final episode in which he got his full one, while both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had their costumes on screen for a sight gag more than anything.

So it comes as little surprise that Netflix’s “Iron Fist” series won’t see Finn Jones’ Danny Rand adorning the green and yellow outfit of his comic counterpart in the new live-action series which goes online soon.

In an interview with SFX Magazine (via Games Radar), showrunner Scott Buck confirmed Danny will not suit up in the first season and explained why:

“There was no good reason we could imagine to put Danny Rand in a costume. Because Danny Rand is still discovering who he is as a hero and where he is going to be, so he’s not yet ready to put on a mask or a costume. … At the same time he is someone who is rather well known as a billionaire, so he can’t necessarily go out in public and do the things he does without being recognized. It does become an issue for the character.

“Iron Fist” will premiere on Netflix on March 17th ahead of the team-up event series “The Defenders” which is expected to arrive sometime in the late summer ahead of “The Punisher” later in the year.