No “X-Men” Crossovers For “Gifted” & “Legion”

It’s not unexpected, but quotes over the weekend at San Diego Comic Con have made it official – don’t expect “X-Men” film series actors to show up on either FX’s “Legion” or FOX’s new series “The Gifted,” and don’t expect the shows themselves to crossover either.

‘Gifted’ showrunner Matt Nix downplayed the possibility of film crossovers, saying the new show takes place in its own unique timeline:

“One of the great favors that ‘Days of Future Past’ did for all of us is establish many streams. I guess that one answer is that this is one of those many streams.

Right now one of the things that comes out in the show is the X-Men are gone. Why are they gone? That’s a thing in the show. It’s not just that they’re too expensive for television — though that may be related.”

Lauren Shuler Donner, who serves as executive producer on both shows, was asked by a fan if “Legion” and “The Gifted” could cross over to which she replied: “I’m sorry to break your heart. No, but thank you for wanting it.”

Additionally, Donner was asked if “Legion” could crossover with the movies, such as having Patrick Stewart’s Charles X. Xavier (the father of Dan Stevens’ main character) appearing. She replied: “It has to exist on its own plane. It can’t ever crossover with the movies — or why watch it?”.”

“The Gifted” premieres in October, “Legion” returns in 2018.

Source: Variety