No Talks For More “Twin Peaks” Episodes

The revival of David Lynch’s surreal mystery series “Twin Peaks” has lived up to the pre-release hype and then some. It’s maddening, frustrating, unflinching, esoteric, wry, astonishing, superb, and unlike anything else on television.

Having just aired the thirteenth of its eighteen episode run, there’s only a handful of episodes left before it all wraps on Labor Day weekend. Speaking at the Television Critics Association this week, Showtime CEO David Nevins says he hasn’t spoken to Lynch about a potential second season:

“It was always intended to be one season. A lot of people are speculating but there’s been zero contemplation, zero discussions other than fans asking me about it… [David Lynch and I are] both avoiding the conversation for a while; we want to let the story coalesce and see how people feel at the end.

The door’s always open to David Lynch, whether that would lead to another season, I don’t know if he wants to do it. This was a Herculean effort. I’m not sure if any director has ever done 18 hours in a row of a series… It’s remarkable what he achieved, fans are liking it and for me that’s what’s satisfying.”

Even though ratings for the series haven’t been huge, they’ve been steady and strong. More importantly it’s driving new subscribers to Showtime and has gotten the base talking, which was the main point:

“I’m really happy with the performance. It drove our business in a way that almost nothing else could. Maybe it’s a blinding glimpse of how Netflix looks at the world. The palpable effect on subscribers, even though its overall numbers are not as big as our biggest shows, but a very palpable effect on subscribers for multiple months now”

It’s not so low either. It’s a way higher proportion of streaming than anything else. The multiple compared to the people who watch it on Sunday night live is way higher than anything else. This has always been our weakest quarter.

Springtime has always been against Game of Thrones. This year, it’s not so much against Game of Thrones. It went a little bit later, but Q2 has always been our weakest quarter. Cable is up 11% today and you can assume Showtime is up a higher percentage to drive that. That’s new subscriptions driven by Twin Peaks. That’s the biggest factor in that. It kind of did its job for being such an unusual show for us.”

Nevins adds he’d support alternate cuts and extra footage, but doubts Lynch would do it: “I can’t imagine he’ll do a B cut. I would be shocked. If he wants to, I’ll support it. I’ll pay for it. I would love it but I can’t imagine he would do that.”

Source: THR