No “Spider-Man” Origin Story Again

Some more information about Marvel’s plans for a rebooted and MCU-incorporated Spider-Man have emerged via studio head Kevin Feige at the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” press junket over the weekend.

Following on from confirmation that the version of the character will be a 15-16 year old Peter Parker, Feige has assured fans that the studio has no plans on re-counting Peter Parker’s origin story yet again. He tells Crave Online:

“In Spider-Man’s very specific case, where there have been two retellings of that origin in the last whatever it’s been – [thirteen] years – for us we are going to take it for granted that people know that, and the specifics. It will not be an origin story.

But, with great power comes great responsibility. It is inherent to who his character is. But we want to reveal it in different ways and spend much more time focusing on this young high school kid in the MCU dealing with his powers. There is a young kid [already] running around New York City in a homemade version of the Spider-Man costume in the MCU, you just don’t know it yet.

We’ve already designed the costume, which is different than any of the ones that have come before. And yet ours is classic Spidey, as I think you’ll see.”

It has also been suggested that ultimately Tony Stark will present Peter Parker with a new suit, getting over the credibility issue the previous films had of a student building an incredibly advanced supersuit.

Feige hasn’t confirmed that report, but he does say that they want to explore Spidey’s comedic side including his “nervous energy” and the way he’s into “bothering the criminals with banter as much as with his powers.” He also confirmed that the plan to get Spider-Man back in the Marvel fold has been in the works for sometime.

“Spider-Man we knew about when we were doing that announcement in October. It could have gone either way, and Marvel as you well know doesn’t announce announce anything officially until it’s set in stone. So we went forward with that Plan A in October, with the Plan B being, if it were to happen with Sony, how it would all shift. We’ve been thinking about it as long as we’ve been thinking about Phase Three.”

The new Spider-Man is expected to make his screen debut in “Captain America: Civil War” next year.