No Pixar Cinematic Universe In The Works

Cinematic universes – “Star Trek” has been doing it for decades, and now Marvel, DC and “Star Wars” are making a fortune out of it. Yet there’s one place where a shared on screen universe seems quite possible but hasn’t been considered yet – Pixar movies.

While each of the animated films in the Pixar library include some easter eggs like similar brands, Pixar has not yet established a shared universe between their movies so there’s been no character crossovers or the same settings.

Asked by recently if there ever has been serious talk about creating a ‘PCU’, “Finding Dory” director Andrew Stanton says they’re open to it but not planning one anytime soon:

“…look, we’re game for anything. It’s not like we want to repeat ourselves. People have asked if we’d want to do something episodic or something more mature, but it would be a horrible reason to do it if that’s the motive. Hopefully you always have a great character story idea and then the format of how you would do it follows. That would be the desire. You’re just making a product if you’re doing it for any reason other than character and story. And we have yet to have an idea or character story that demands we do a crossover. But I’m telling you, the second something seems to support that, we would do it.”

Pixar’s next releases are “Cars 3” on June 16th 2017, “Coco” on November 22nd 2017 and “The Incredibles” sequel on June 15th 2018.