No New Pixar Film Coming In 2014

Disney Pictures has shifted around its upcoming release schedule in response to a couple of lingering production issues.

The removal of director Bob Peterson from Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” has had not unexpected impact. Originally slated for May 30th 2014, the film has been pushed back a full eighteen months and will now open November 25th 2015.

That has had a knock-on effect on the ‘Nemo’ sequel “Finding Dory” which was slated for that November 2015 slot. It will now open June 17th 2016. That means a new Pixar film won’t hit theaters next year, with their next one out of the gate being “Inside Out” opening June 2015.

To fill in the gap left by ‘Dinosaur’, Disney have moved up their fantasy epic “Maleficent” from July next year to that May 30th slot.

Source: Disney Pictures