No More “Sinister,” “Happy Death Day” Sequels

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While the Blumhouse Productions label was built on franchises and sequels like “Insidious,” “Paranormal Activity” and “The Purge,” they and the company’s head Jason Blum have been gradually steering away from that in favour of original productions and revivals like last year’s “Halloween”.

That might be why Blum, in recent tweets, said they have no plans to continue either their “Sinister” or “Happy Death Day” franchises beyond their already released second entries.

“Happy Death 2U” opened last month and seemingly laid the groundwork for another entry, but when asked by a fan about the likelihood of a third film he said: “Not very, but not impossible.”

Though still quite profitable, the recent sequel cost $9 million to make and grossed $54 million – whereas the first cost $4.5 million and made $125 million. Reviews were also not as strong.

In addition, Blum was asked about the possibility of a third movie in the “Sinister” franchise to which he said: “Nope :(“. He later suggested the film’s monster Bughuul, if he were to be brought back, it “maybe” could be in the form of a series.

The first “Sinister” grossed $77.7 million from a $3 million budget, but the follow-up made only $52.8 million from a $10 million budget.

If there was one silver lining to his Q&A, it was his response of “Yes” to the question: “Anything happening in the “Upgrade” universe soon?.”