No More Mr. White In James Bond

One villain has managed to do something rare in the 007 universe – they’ve survived.

Speaking with press last week at Berlinale to promote the indie drama “A Family”, Danish actor Jesper Christensen said he will not be reprising his role as Mr. White, the enforcer for the Quantum organization seen in both the recent James Bond films “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace”.

The character himself vanished after the Austrian opera scene in ‘Quantum’ and wasn’t to be seen again, though an alternate ending was shot in which both White and corrupt British PM advisor Guy Haines (referred to but not seen in ‘Solace’) were confronted by Bond (and likely killed). That ending may emerge on a future DVD/Blu-ray release.

Christensen caused some controversy with his remarks, saying that he regard both Bond films as “really shit. All the people die in them, so two movies are enough for me”.

A few days later though he claimed the quotes were jokes taken out of context. According to MI6, the actor said “Come on, if the Bond films were that bad, I would not have made them… I have great respect for the people who make Bond films. They have managed to create their very own meta-universe, almost a genre in itself and a series of 23 films now. It is unique.”

In fact he’s very proud of his work on the critically lauded “Casino Royale”, calling it “a super movie, which I am proud to be involved in. I think my character was becoming a really fun one and would have continued if it had been timely.” The actor pointedly did not refer to “Quantum of Solace” which received a very mixed response.

The reasons for the comments in the first place? The actor is understandably much more interested in pursuing acting rather than celebrity, opting for small character dramas over big international blockbusters – “That I think that movies like [“A Family”] is much more interesting to watch and more in line with why I became an actor is all together a different matter.”