No More Batman Movies Says Nolan’s Wife

Christopher Nolan himself has previously said he has no plans to return to the world of Batman after “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Now in an interview with SFX, Nolan’s wife and producer Emma Thomas reiterated the point when asked if he could be persuaded to return for a fourth “Batman” feature.

“No. Never… No, that’s truly a never. I cannot imagine a world in which he would ever want to come back… We’ve spent almost 10 years of our lives making Batman films” says Thomas.

She goes on to give some solid reasoning as to why he would make that decision – “The great thing about a trilogy is that it feels like you’ve got a beginning, a middle and an end. it’s like an extended version of a regular film. Once you get into a fourth film then it’s just episodic, and I just can’t see him getting excited about making another film where basically you’re just wheeling in different villains.”