“No Man’s Sky” Refunds Being Offered

A combination of overhype, a small studio’s experimental indie title being sold as an AAA game, numerous bugs on launch, several promised features that never materialised, an unclear selling of what the game actually is, and the repetitive nature of the game itself have sadly turned the launch of “No Man’s Sky” into something of a minor disaster.

Now comes word that disappointed gamers are reportedly having luck getting refunds from major retailers such as on Steam, Amazon, and Sony’s PSN according to Reddit (via Inquisitr). A forum posting there documented procedures for applying for refunds, and the usual restrictions that normally apply to games are being lifted in this case.

For example, Steam usually requires gamers to have played for less than two hours – but the report indicates refunds are currently being issued regardless of hours played.

The PC and PS4 the game at release reportedly had numerous game-crashing bugs which Hello Games addressing the bulk of these and continuing to work on additional patches. One promised feature, cooperative multiplayer, is absent from the game’s final build.

Existing features such as the ability to name planets and creatures, are reportedly not working correctly as full histories of planets are being wiped clean upon return visits. Others have fairly complained about the games lack of geographical diversity with planets more or less identical beyond some color scheme changes.

Interest in the game on Steam has dwindled – the title boasted 212,620 online players on launch day, but that number dropped to 15,700 in just two weeks.