“No Man’s Sky” Is Soaring On PS4 & PC

With the release of “No Man’s Sky” on PS4 on Tuesday and PC on Friday, the title has quickly rocketed up the charts and appears to be doing massive business.

On PS4, the title has become Sony’s second biggest ever PlayStation 4 exclusive game launch behind only “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” according to Chart-Track – and that’s physical sales only, not digital copies.

In terms of a new IP launch, it’s fifth overall across all publishers and Sony formats – behind only “Destiny” and “Watch Dogs” on PS4, “The Getaway” on PS2 and “The Last of Us” on PS3.

Then there’s the PC version. “No Man’s Sky” has had the biggest game release on Steam in 2016 so far and at its peak on Friday (launch day) saw 212,000 people playing at the same time. Actual sales figures of copies sold for PC haven’t been released as yet.

The game has come under fire in recent days with complaints in game community forums. The enigmatic marketing campaign which kept much of the game hidden appears to have led to expectations in some circles that this was a massive online multiplayer game (ala “EVE Online”) as opposed to the procedurally generated single player experience that it is.

This has led to a real division in reviews – some loving its peaceful solitude while others despair over either its lonely existentialism, or more practicaly in game issues (eg. limited starting inventory).

Source: Sony, EuroGamer