“No Man’s Sky” First Major Update Arrives

Going into the year, Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky” was one of the most anticipated games of all time, as we leave the year it is now mostly talked about as a cautionary tale.

Since the disastrous launch back in the summer, it has been a rough few months for the team at Hello Games as major bugs, a lack of promised features and broken multiplayer were strong enough to lead to investigations. by the UK advertising authority.

After radio silence for a while, the company is back with the ‘Foundation Update,’ the first of many promised free updates to the game which adds additional gameplay modes and features fans have been calling for since release.

The main new addition is base building, allowing you to claim abandoned bases. There’s also automatic harvesting and storage units to keep players from having to harvest resources themselves, a new messaging system, bug fixes and both ‘Creative’ and ‘Survival’ modes added to the game.

Full details on the update are here and are explained in the video below. Will these fixes and expansions redeem the company’s image? It’s unlikely it would seem.