“No Man’s Sky” Boasts More Species Than On Earth

With the release of “No Man’s Sky” on PS4 earlier this week and ahead of its PC release tomorrow, it turns out plenty of players have already sunk a bunch of hours into the procedurally-generated space exploration adventure.

In fact, Kotaku reports that players have already taken such advantage of the infinite game world that around ten million different species have already been discovered according to developer Sean Murray. That is actually more species than have been discovered to date on our actual planet Earth.

The United Nations Environment Programme indicated that there are approximately 8.7 million discovered species as of 2011, but admits that nearly 90% of all land and sea creatures have “yet to be discovered, described or catalogued.” That figure also doesn’t take into account micro organisms or viruses.

Even so, for the game to have created such a rich range of biodiversity in just a few days has understandably astonished the developers.