No Kingpin For “Spider-Man,” “Defenders”

He’s considered one of (if not the) best villain produced by Marvel Studios to date, but actor Vincent D’Onofrio says his “Daredevil” villain of Kingpin won’t show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the upcoming “The Defenders” mini-series which is currently in production.

Asked on Twitter if there’s any chance of Kingpin showing up in a future “Spider-Man” film, he responded: “That I doubt. Seems to be so many characters in the film universe to service. The films are already jam packed.”

He was also asked about the possibility of Kingpin showing up in The Defenders to which he responded “No chance”.

Earlier this year, the actor stated that he already knows when Kingpin will return but he can’t give reveal the answer – the best guess right now is Jon Bernthal’s “Punisher” series.