No High Heels In “Jurassic World 2”

A pair of shoes were the butt of many of the jokes about this Summer’s stellar box-office success story “Jurassic World,” and star Bryce Dallas Howard is well aware of it.

Ahead of the home video release of the year’s biggest film and the third highest grosser of all time, Collider asked her about those high heels in which her character Claire spends much of the film running. The actress says don’t expect them to return in the sequel:

“I had so many different feelings about it. My most superficial feelings was that it was really hard running heels all the time. People are acknowledging it. It stood out to them, cause it stood out to me too. It was crazy.

The controversy of it, that is something I didn’t expect at all. Just from a perspective I’m like of course it’s illogical for her to be in heels in the jungle, she never intended to go in the jungle. If she was in flats, that would be a cheat – that would be something where it’s like ‘wup, she managed to get her hands on some flats’. No, no, no. Claire never thought that she was going to end up traipsing through the jungle let alone outrunning a T-Rex.

That kind of thing I had difficult time kind of wrapping my mind around it. Here’s the way that Colin [Trevorrow] told me that the sequel was happening, when it got greenlit and I was in it, he texted me #NoHeels2018. And I was like ‘Yeah boy’. First shot of the movie needs to be like *klonk* something really capable, something with great arch support, rubber soles… she needs to be ready to run potentially. “

“Jurassic World” is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD.