No Galactica Movie Possibilities

With the acclaimed “Battlestar Galactica” wrapping up next year, is there any chance of a feature film continuation? Doubtful it seems.

What is surprising is that it isn’t for lack of interest on the producers, cast or even studios part – rather the original creator.

The IESB reports that according to producer David Eick, there are hopes for a feature film and the ‘olive branch’ is out to original 70’s series creator Glen Larson.

Larson however hasn’t exactly been happy with his 70’s ray-gun blasting space opera being remade into a 21st century gritty political military drama.

However Galactica is nevertheless his baby and he holds the feature film rights – thus his co-operation would be required. Larson also remains keen on the idea of making a movie based on the original series and characters.

Not helping is a recent kerfuffle over the Direct-to-DVD Movie “Razor” scheduled for November. The network had originally planned to directly release it on DVD, but due to the rights issue it now will have to air first on TV as two stand alone episodes.

Will it happen? Unlikely, but possible. Stay tuned for further developments.