No Galactica Movie, Caprica Set

With the fourth and final season of “Battlestar Galactica” scheduled to air starting April 4th, producer Ronald D. Moore has been out banging the publicity drums for the series.

In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter though, he says that he has no plans to take the acclaimed series to the big screen – “I think the series works best as an ensemble TV drama. If it translated into a feature it would be a different animal.”

Moore confirms that the remaining 20 episodes of “Battlestar” tie up most of the loose ends, though some minor elements will be left “ambiguous by design”.

Most interesting is that whilst the writers had a working plan where the show would go, the plans changed following the strike.

Whilst walking the picket line Moore came up with a “clearer vision” on where it was going and so when the writer’s got back to work (11 episodes of the 20 were completed pre-strike) he helped guide them through the remaining few episodes.

Meanwhile the proposed spin-off series “Caprica” is going forward with a two-hour back-door pilot for the prequel being given the green light by the Sci-Fi Channel. The action is set 50 years before the events in ‘Galactica’.

Finally, much of the cast will be on tonight’s episode of David Letterman’s talk show, reading out his famed Top Ten list.