No “Evil Dead 2” Or “Kick Ass 3” Coming?

The remake of the “Evil Dead” came and went last year without much of an impact. Some liked it, some hated it, most didn’t really care. That blood-soaked and much darker interpretation of Sami Raimi’s pulpy classic pulled in a solid $97 million worldwide – not bad for a low-budget horror film. Even so, there hasn’t really been a huge demand for a sequel.

Now it looks like we won’t be getting one. The film’s leading star and ‘final girl’, Jane Levy, tells Bloody Disgusting that there are currently no plans for a follow-up:

“I don’t think they’re gonna make it. I mean, they’re always coming up with a new thing – now I hear they’re making a TV show. I was like, what? [Laughs]. I honestly don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be an EVIL DEAD 2 anytime soon. At least, not with me in it.”

The story is similar for the future of the “Kick-Ass” franchise. While the first film was a bonafide critical and commercial success, the follow-up was a bit of a dud. Mark Millar, who created the comic tells CBR that there’s no plans to do one in the immediate future:

“With ‘Kick-Ass,’ it was a no brainer. It was made for $28 million and made $100 million back and then made another $140 million on DVD. So for the money guys, it was a $28 million investment that made $240 million. That’s a slam dunk. You’re getting your sequel.

The second one didn’t make as much. It cost a little less at around $24 million, made $61 million and made about $100 million again on DVD and TV rights. It was still profitable. It was by no means “The Lone Ranger.” But does that mean we’ll make another one again? I don’t know.

It’s definitely up in the air, and we’ll just have to see. Matthew [Vaughn] is a guy who I trust to make that decision. If he decides he does want to do it, I know he’ll get it done well. And he’s got the movie rights, so it’s ultimately his decision. I speak to Matthew every day, and we haven’t discussed ‘Kick-Ass 3’ so who knows? The option is always open.”