No “Deadpool 3” Until After “X-Force”

“Deadpool” scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are in high demand these days with the pair attached to many projects. In a new interview with Screen Rant this week they reveal one project they’re not involved in – at least not yet – is a third “Deadpool”.

According to the scribes, 20th Century Fox has no plans to begin work on a third “Deadpool” until they get an “X-Force” film out in cinemas. Reese says:

“According to the chronology that we’ve established, X-Force will be next, before Deadpool 3. It’s a bit of the ‘Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3’ model, in that sense. X-Force isn’t being written by us. It’s being written and directed by Drew Goddard, or at least that’s the plan right now. We’re not involved with that one.

We do anticipate there will be a Deadpool 3 at some point, but it’s just a little premature, because it will definitely take a backseat to X-Force for the time being. We’re constantly in touch with Ryan, and we’re always throwing ideas back and forth via text and phone conversations. So, it’s always at the front of our minds. We’ll get there when the time is right, but as of right now, X-Force is next up.”

Of course the pending Disney and Fox merger is expected to be complete by March at the latest. So, as a result, the fate of all of Fox’s Marvel projects are up in the air at this point beyond the already completed ones releasing this year.