No Chance Of An “Appaloosa” Sequel

Out doing press for “The Way Back,” actor Ed Harris revealed that plans for a sequel to his 2008 western “Appaloosa” have fallen apart – mostly due to his co-star Viggo Mortensen.

Harris directed and co-starred with Mortensen in the film based on one of three novels by Robert B. Parker that featured the characters they played. Harris has mentioned interest in doing adaptations of at least one of the other books, now it seems those plans are gone.

“I had thought about wanting to do a sequel to ‘Appaloosa.’ But Viggo wasn’t really up to playing Hitch again and it kind of felt like we were meant to do those films together. So, kind of put that on the back-burner” the actor told The Playlist in Sundance this weekend.

Harris however remains keen to direct films again, saying “I do want to make some more films. There are a couple of things I’m thinking about, but I’m really looking forward to directing again. I love doing it. It just has to be something that I’m really rarin’ to do. Hopefully I’ll get inspired by something soon.”