No Body Double For Beckinsale

Reports emerged yesterday that Kate Beckinsale demanded a $2,000 per-day body double for the upcoming thriller “Whiteout” because she feels self-conscious about her bottom’s size.

The trim and slim 34-year-old actress plays a U.S. marshal tracking a killer through Antarctica in the film and allegedly refused to bare her bum while shooting a shower scene.

Very quickly however a Warner Bros. spokesperson has officially denied the report – to some extent. “The claims appearing today that Kate Beckinsale requested a body double for filming on ‘Whiteout’ are absolutely untrue. As is standard practice on many movies a body double was hired for several scenes by the production and not at the request of Kate Beckinsale”.

“Whiteout” producer Susan Downey also confirmed that “Kate Beckinsale made no request for a body double for this production.”