Nispel Helms Sea Monster Tale “Stowaway”

“Friday the 13th” and “Pathfinder” director Marcus Nispel has come on board to helm the horror-thriller “Stowaway” for White Sands Pictures.

The horror-thriller is based on Nordic mythology about an avenging sea creature. The action revolves around a yacht where a newly engaged woman discovers a family secret at the bottom of the ocean.

The tone is said to be that of an “edgy and original R-rated monster movie” with a beast that is “humanoid and strikes from below dark waters”.

Nispel and Juhani Nurmi created the story which Scott Sandler, Connor Colebrook and Nurmi are adapting into a script. Nispel and Stefan Brunner will produce. Filming is slated to begin this Fall.

Source: Variety