Nispel Does Charles Manson Biopic

Director Marcus Nispel (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Pathfinder”) is planning a film about the Charles Manson story reports Fangoria.

Nispel has various projects in the works, but the seriousness and inherent pressure of this project seems to intrigue him, not to mention it would re-team him with “Chainsaw” scribe Scott Kosar.

“This is different for both of us, because we don’t see it as a great reason to do some damage and splash blood. It’s a responsible movie. I love those ones that have a detailed account of reality, like BLACK HAWK DOWN, and you have to really pay attention to that–you can’t go out and make a fantasy where anything can happen. But to do it takes discipline” says Nispel.

He adds it’ll bear no relation to previous Manson-esque biopics like “Helter Skelter” – “Almost all of those films are told from a legal point of view, or what you’d hear in a trial. So the thing you have to do is look at it from an emotional angle… Scott found a very interesting point of view from an insider”.

Nispel is still working on “Alice”, the R-rated adaptation of the dark and twisted video game that subverts the classic Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland” tale. He’s also planning “Sublevel” about something unearthed seven levels below the Manhattan streets.