Nintendo NX Sets Date, Oculus Sets Price

A rep for Tokyo financial group Nomura Securities has reportedly confirmed that Nintendo will launch its new games console Nintendo NX before the new year is out. reports that the new console will likely first be revealed at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles which begins June 14th.

Dubbed the ‘Nintendo NX’, the console is expected to go on sale at retailers around October/November – almost four years after the launch of the previous generation of console – the Nintendo Wii U.

In other computer game news, pre-orders for the VR tech Oculus Rift have begun over on the product’s official site with sales going strong despite the costly $599 U.S. dollar asking price.

The luxury set comes in a carrying case alongside a copy of third-person platformer Lucky’s Tale and, for pre-orders, space dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie.