Nintendo Goes Cardboard With Labo

That oddest of major video game publishers, Nintendo, is following up the success of the Switch with ‘Labo,’ a new initiative which involves DIY cardboard accessories that can transform the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers into everything from a fishing rod to a functional 13-key cardboard piano to a robot suit.

These accessories, dubbed Toy-Con controllers, are then used to control a variety of mini-games. The aim is said to be to get kids involved in playing games on the Switch in a more hands-on and tactile way.

The product is a kit that includes a Nintendo Switch cartridge and a series of cardboard sheets, along with building accessories. Put the cartridge into the Switch, and a series of on-screen instructions take you through the steps for building each of the different accessories.

Along with an educational thing for kids, Labo is aiming to be a social experience that can also be enjoyed with friends and family. Nintendo Labo launches on April 20th and will be available in two versions – a ‘Variety Kit with five games and Toy Con (with the RC car, fishing, and piano) for $69.99, and the ‘Robot Kit’ which will be sold separately for $79.99.