Nintendo Game-Based Films Coming?

With the disastrous flop of “Super Mario Bros.” in 1993, Nintendo issued a mandate saying the would never again adapt any of their video games into movies. It has taken over two decades, but it looks like they may be changing their mind.

A June earning statement from the company indicated Nintendo was taking a more active approach to areas outside of video game business, and now Nintendo creative mastermind and head of their Software Planning & Development (SPD) Division Shigeru Miyamoto has opened up to Fortune about the company’s future and they are coming around to the idea of movies based on their product:

“We’ve had, over the years, a number of people who have come to us and said ‘Why don’t we make a movie together-or we make a movie and you make a game and we’ll release them at the same time?’ Because games and movies seem like similar mediums, people’s natural expectation is we want to take our games and turn them into movies.

I’ve always felt video games, being an interactive medium, and movies, being a passive medium, mean the two are quite different. As we look more broadly at what is Nintendo’s role as an entertainment company, we’re starting to think more and more about how movies can fit in with that – and we’ll potentially be looking at things like movies in the future.”

Miyamoto has been quick to deny rumors of a live-action “The Legend of Zelda” TV series in the works at Netflix, and as yet Nintendo has not made any announcements about a film or TV partnership.