Ninja Turtles Scribe On The Reboot’s Tone

Andre Nemec, one of the screenwriters of the upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot, has spoken about the new film and the tone that they tried to reach with this movie.

It’s a tricky balancing act he tells Coming Soon, saying the film is certainly darker and more serious than the previous films, and yet still light enough kids won’t get too scared:

“Tone was a very interesting question on this movie as far as how dark we really wanted to go. It’s really all in the conflict between the characters. That was the driving principle.

The color palettes that were chosen were not designed to be ‘Dark Knight’-ish in that regard. We weren’t looking to make that movie. I’m a huge fan of that movie, but I didn’t eat gobs of popcorn while I was watching that movie. We certainly didn’t want kids to be running for the exits. ‘Mommy! Why did he do that?!’ We weren’t looking for that.

We really wanted to entertain and have fun with it. I think we skate – we live – on a very fun line in this movie, whether it’s the action feeling real and exciting, but also fun and adventurous. It really never feels dark in a way that would startle you out of your chair or make you fearful.”

Nemec also spoke about the level of involvement that producer Michael Bay had in production:

“Michael has been an influence on the movie and he’s certainly been giving his notes and paying attention to the movie as we go through. There are Michael Bay aesthetics. He has a very good sense of action. He has a very good sense of entertainment. I think that, on those influences, you’ll feel Michael Bay’s hand.”

Then there’s the old rumor of the turtles having alien origins, something which the new trailer finally clears up a bit – the ooze is a creation of both Shredder and April O’Neill’s father:

“Looking through the different iterations of Turtles to date, many of them have different origin stories. T.C.R.I. was a collection container that was used for a company that came from alien ooze at one point. There was another version of the ooze where it was created in a laboratory. There’s the ‘Daredevil’ component that mixes in with the Turtle canon. There’s the sewers. There’s the laboratories.

For us, it was important to find our own version of how these particular Turtles came to be so that they can stand alone as their own characters. There’s also the version where, if you touch something after you touch the ooze, that’s what you become. There have been a million versions. In this version we just thought it was important to create our own origin that lives within the balance of it. We didn’t do anything overtly kooky.”

Nemec says other non-turtle characters could appear in this first film and/or the sequels. The first ‘Turtles’ hits cinemas in August.