Ninja, Thunder, Austin, Antichrist Updates

“Collin Chou (“The Matrix” trilogy) has dropped out of the Wachowski Brothers-produced, James McTeigue-directed “Ninja Assassin”. Filming was scheduled to start next month in Berlin…” (full details)

“Three fake film trailers, each with non-Paramount logos, will air with the upcoming Ben Stiller comedy “Tropic Thunder”. Robert Downey Jr. and Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire star in one called “Satan’s Alley” from Fox Searchlight…” (full details)

“”Austin Powers” sequels scribe Michael McCullers (“Baby Mama”) was asked about a fourth movie in the franchise. His response? “I see those rumors like everyone else. I think a lot of them are just rumors. I had not heard that particular rumor. I wait for the phone to ring on that one, you know what I mean? That’s my role in that”…” (full details)

“Lars von Trier will film the $1.4 million drama “Antichrist” in Germany this summer. The story follows a couple who retreat to a cabin in the woods to recover from the death of their child…” (full details)