Nine “Snowpiercer” Character Posters

Of the four ‘Scorched Earth’ films opening this year, the sole one that has yet to play its hand is South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho and producer Park Chan-Wook’s dystopian sci-fi tale “Snowpiercer”.

An adaptation of the cult French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige,” the story is set in a future in which Earth is in the midst of a new Ice Age. All that’s left of humanity is a society living on a perpetual-motion powered train.

Now, nine character posters from the project have gone online featuring actors Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Song Kang-ho, Go Ah-sung and Ewen Bremner.

The Weinstein Company is expected to release the film sometime later this year.