“Nightwing” To Conduct A Wide ‘Dick’ Search

Though there have already been some rumors about casting, the director of the upcoming “Nightwing” film says the titular role has not yet been set.

In fact the search for who will play the big screen Dick Grayson is going to be a wide and expansive one with many actors being considered to play the former Batman offsider.

Filmmaker Chris McKay (“The LEGO Batman Movie”), responding to a fan on Twitter whilst prepping “Nightwing,” advised patience and re-iterated that the search will be thorough:

“No one has been cast yet. We are taking our time. We are going to cast a wide net because we need to find the perfect person. We need to get the script right. We need this movie to blow your mind.”

The film is said to heavily explore Grayson’s circus past and will feature lots of practical stunt work, meaning whoever is cast will have to be agile and capable of serious stunt work in much the way trained gymnast and “Spider-Man” actor Tom Holland is.

While the film may not have found its Dick Grayson yet, Brenton Thwaites will be playing the role in the upcoming DC TV series “Titans”.

Source: Twitter