“Nightwing” Helmer McKay Explains His Interest

Last week came the announcement that “The LEGO Batman Movie” director Chris McKay would helm a live-action “Nightwing” film. Over the weekend, McKay chatted with the Shanlian on Batman podcast about why he thinks he’s a good hire for the job.

Bill Dubuque is penning the film which will follow Dick Grayson who, having retired as Robin to Bruce Wayne’s Batman, takes on a new mantle – breaking out on his own as Nightwing. Dick Grayson appeared in “The LEGO Batman Movie,” so it’s not entirely unfamiliar material for McKay:

“Bruce Wayne in my mind came from privilege and I think that’s why he’s more dour and angry. He’s self-made as far as his becoming all of these cool things we like him for… Dick Grayson didn’t come from that. Dick Grayson came from a circus family. Essentially people who aren’t rich and they are self-made.

They’re entertainers. They’re gymnasts. They’re people who live hand-to-mouth and that’s something that informs him and his attitude… he’s a fascinating guy to me, because he had all the same things happen to him.

He’s got some of the same negatives as Bruce Wayne and then from a society standpoint – obviously he was adopted into Bruce Wayne’s life… but he didn’t start that way. He’s this guy who has all these negatives and then even more negatives and yet he remains… Those are things why I like Dick Grayson, why I like the idea of Nightwing as a movie.”

“Nightwing” joins the growing roster of films in the DCEU, and of course suggestions of various actors who could play the role are already popping up on social media. One such name is “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki. When asked if he would consider the role, he tweeted: “I’ve Always Wanted To.”

No production timetable has yet been set for “Nightwing”.